Notice Details | Guaranty Bank | Springfield, MO – Nixa, MO – Ozark, MO

Fraud Alert

Customers from many financial institutions are currently experiencing a significant amount of fraudulent debit card transaction activity that is occurring at grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the United States. The source of this widespread data breach is currently unknown.

In an effort to curb the fraud and to protect our debit card holders, all signature-based Guaranty Bank debit card transactions $40 and over will be denied at most grocery stores and supermarkets until further notice. This includes Walmart. Debit card transactions that are authenticated with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from an authorized account will be approved. We strongly encourage you to use your PIN for all debit card transactions $40 and over to avoid potential declines.

As always, take precaution by continuing to monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. Notify Guaranty Bank immediately if you have questions about transactions on your account by calling Customer Service at 417.520.0260 during regular business hours or 1.800.791.2525 after hours. Customer Service can also reset your debit card PIN, if needed, by calling 417.520.0260 during regular business hours.

Additionally, please note that Guaranty Bank will be sending EMV chip cards to all current debit card holders in 2016, making it nearly impossible for fraudsters to reproduce your card. Guaranty Bank takes pride in being your partner in the security of your accounts and we appreciate your business.