Visa® Pay Cards | Springfield, MO – Nixa, MO – Ozark, MO | Guaranty Bank

Make purchases any time of the day, anywhere you go, without being tied to an account. Simply load the card with a predetermined amount, then use it like you would a debit or ATM card. There are no purchase or account maintenance fees. You can even load your card via direct deposit.

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  • Make purchases, pay bills, and withdraw cash virtually anytime, anywhere
  • No account or credit history required*
  • No fee to make a purchase
  • No account maintenance fee
  • No overdraft fee
  • No fee to check your balance online
  • ATM and other fees may apply**
  • Easy to load:
  • Put all or a portion of your payroll on the card via direct deposit
  • Load other direct deposits to the card
  • Decide how much to keep on your card at all times
  • Receive government payments, tax refunds, and other funds directly***
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • FDIC insured

Go online or call 1-866-212-9650 to check your balance, view transactions, or for other card issues.****

*Successful identity verification required.

**A schedule of fees is included with the card.

***Provide the organizations sending the payments your account number and the bank ABA routing/transit number, and these funds can be deposited directly to your card.

****Fees may apply. Refer to your pocket materials for a list of potential fees.