Teach your kids money smarts with PiggyBot. Start an account for each child, and see them all from a single screen. Set goals, assign chores, and keep track of IOUs. Plus, with a convenient mobile app, you'll never leave PiggyBot at home.

  • Free app for iPhone® and iPad®
  • For kids ages 5 and up…and their parents!
  • Virtual piggy bank that pays off in real life
  • Created by parents like you
  • Set up goals and track allowances
  • Teach kids to spend, share, and save smart!

PiggyBot is brought to you by Guaranty Bank. Not available at the big banks. For good reason. It's never too early to get your family talking about smart spending, sharing, and saving. Download this fun, new app and start the discussion.

Learn more about PiggyBot and download it for free at the iTunes® store.

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